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Product Description The TOTO Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve Assembly for Toilet Tanks is compatible for all current TOTO toilet models. The height and refill volume can be adjusted according to your toilet tank settings, bringing your toilet back to optimal performance. The fill valve has a standard 7/8 inch inlet connection. Includes valve, refilltube, and cone washer with nut. From the Manufacturer Genuine TOTO adjustable universal fill valve. The adjustable height and flow rate will accommodate most TOTO toilets. Replaces valve numbers: TSU16A, TSU17A, TSU18A, TSU24A, TSU25A, TSU26A, TSU28A, TSU29A, TSU33A, TSU34A, TSU38A, TSU30A, TSU08A.5, TSU36A.10, TSU08A.6R, TSU36A.6, TSU06A.4, TSU09A.8R. Fits tank models: ST743S(R)(B),ST707S,ST804S,ST784S,ST753S,ST423S,ST424S,ST774S,ST794S, ST754S,ST423E,ST424E,ST743E(R)(B),ST794E,ST784E, ST454E, ST753E,ST754E, ST755S, ST703,ST706(R),ST723,ST733,ST406, ST405M, ST413M,ST412M,ST416M,ST464M. Fits combination models: CST853S,CST854S(L)(G),CST874S(G),CST934SF, CST853,CST854,CST863,CST864,CST863E,CST864E,CST634CEF(G),CST644CEF(G), CST854E(L),CST853E, CST604CEF(G)(R),CST614CEF(G),CST624CEF(G),CST626CEF(G), CST934EF, CST964CEF(G), CST974CEF(G), CST904, CST654MF


  • Adjustable height for all TOTO toilet tanks
  • Resets your tank back to optimal performance
  • Includes valve, refill tube and clamp, cone washer and nut
  • Standard 7/8 inch inlet connection
  • Easy, DIY installation