Shadow White 9/16 in. Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade - 31 in. W x 48 in. L

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The Home Decorators Collection Shadow White Fabric Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade provides privacy and insulation to your window. The energy efficient fabric design provides optimal room darkening and privacy. The cellular shade's honeycomb construction creates air chambers that insulate and shield your room from the outside heat or cold. This unique feature helps lower your heating or cooling bills all year round. The cordless shade's honeycomb-shaped cells are made with durable, spun lace fabric that form crisp, clean pleats that will keep your windows looking sleek. This cordless shade operates without any visible cords, providing a safe environment for children and pets. Blackout cellular shade has a Shadow White finish with dimensions of 31 in. W x 48 in. L Actual cellular shade width measures 30.75 in. due to a 0.25 in. deduction at the factory to ensure a proper fit on the window or door frame NOTE: This blind is 0.25 in. narrower than the order size or size shown on the box (+/- 0.125 in. manufacturing tolerance) For an inside mount, cellular shade fits windows: 31 in. W For an outside mount, add approximately 4 in. to the width of cellular shade (2 in. each side) and height for optimum light control and privacy