Kristin Ess Hair Sea Salt Air Dry Mousse for Volume + Texture - Styling Product For Wavy + Curly Hair, Light Hold, For Fine to Medium Hair, Non-Sticky, Vegan, 6.7 fl oz

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I truly love to play with peoples’ natural texture. A lot of times we don’t even know how much potential our own hair has because we’re so quick to blow it out. Air Dry Mousse is my go-to when I want to boost waves and encourage natural texture on fine to medium hair. How to: Prep: Shampoo + condition in shower as usual. 1. Detangle and towel dry after getting out of the shower. 2. Allow hair to air dry for a few minutes so your natural pattern can start to come through. 3. Scrunch a golf ball-sized amount throughout your hair. 4. Continue to scrunch your hair as it dries. Tip: For better results scrunch into damp hair, not dry hair. Contains Zip-Up Technology, our proprietary strengthening complex designed to "zip-up" split ends while targeting weak areas of the hair, smoothing the appearance of damaged cuticles and helping to protect hair from environmental stressors and color fade. cruelty free | color + keratin safe | vegan free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates + silicones