BOND | Add Wifi to Ceiling Fan, Fireplace or Somfy shades | Works with Alexa, Google Home | Remote Control with App | Works with iPhone or Android

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BOND allows you to turn any remote controlled ceiling fan or fireplace smart in a matter of seconds. Theres no complicated installation. Simply plug in the BOND device and download the app to your smartphone (available for iOS and Android). Point your ceiling fan or fireplace remote at BOND, and it will record the remotes signal. You can now use the app to do everything that your remote could do. Turn the fan on and off, change the fan speed, turn lights on and off, dim lights, and control your fan timerall from your phone or tablet. Because BOND is connected to your internet WiFi network, its also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. This means that your ceiling fan and fireplace can be voice activated. The control and automation of your home has never been easier! With BOND, you can control up to six ceiling fans within an area of 2,500 sq. ft. Place the BOND device in a central location and youll be able to control ceiling fans and fireplaces in the kitchen, in a bedroom, and even on another floor. (The exact range depends on the materials used in wall construction. Our estimate is based on standard drywall materials). Everyone wants appliances and accessories with smart home functionality, but many of these products are very expensive. With BOND, you can make your old appliances smart without replacing them. While our software currently supports ceiling fans and electric and gas fireplaces, updates are on their way for A/C units, garage doors, and motorized shades.